JABstone is a software company that specializes in speech communication technology for Android devices.

JABstone was started by the parents of a non-verbal 5 year old with special needs. As parents, we were focused on finding the right AAC program for our son, Wyatt. After witnessing our son's frustration with various speech systems, we decided to build an application tailored to his specific needs. We created personalized images and voice files instead of using the unfamiliar icons and computerized voice features found in other speech systems. After Wyatt used the application for a couple of weeks, the improvements in his communication and speech wildly exceeded our expectations. The results of our experiment ultimately led to the formation of JABstone LLC and our first product, JABtalk.

If you find JABtalk beneficial and would like to contribute financially, please consider making a donation to the The IDEA Project or your favorite special needs organization.