"I am a Speech Language Pathologist and I have had the honor of working with Wyatt for over a year now. When he first entered into speech therapy he only had a couple of words in his expressive vocabulary. He mainly verbalized by using grunts and some open vowels. We have worked extensively on molding his oral articulators to form clear speech. Although he has made great gains towards his oral production, progress has been slow and steady. His parents, the founders of Jabtalk, introduced me to an augmentative device that they personally created for Wyatt 3 months ago. We have been using the augmentative device in our therapy sessions and I am amazed with Wyatt’s progression in such a short amount of time. Wyatt is independently requesting toys he wants to play with, locating pictures and imitating the device by producing more word approximations. Wyatt’s confidence level has increased which has contributed to his willingness to produce more difficult word combinations. The augmentative device is easy to maneuver and visually appealing to the eye. Each device can be catered specifically to the child and I love how real pictures are used versus a generic picture. It is a sleek device and lightweight so a child can carry it to all the places he/she will need to communicate. I am a strong advocate of this device and am excited to see how many more children Jabtalk will help give a voice to."

Marizel Kinimaka (M.S. Speech Language Pathologist)

"I have a high functioning type of autism (Asperger's syndrome). I can mostly explain myself properly but sometimes when I panic I become disoriented and confused, especially when there is a lot going on around me. At these times I lose the ability to cope with my surroundings. These moments are when JABtalk is a lifesaver!

Even though I have a normal intellect, I need to really concentrate in order to comprehend everything that is going on in my surroundings. It is a pity that there is always a lack of understanding between myself and others...mainly because my challenges are internal and not visible to the outside world. Sometimes I just wish people could naturally understand what I'm thinking and feeling inside. Unfortunately people tend to be a bit ignorant when it comes to autism and other special needs challenges. But now i carry my guidance around in my pocket, I feel a lot safer with JABtalk, it really helps!

I hope your app becomes an even bigger success. Apps like JABtalk make life a lot more manageable for people that really need it and can provide assistance for the long term.

My challenges have now become a little smaller and interacting with others has become easier. JABtalk does all the explaining for me so that I can fully concentrate on the really important things instead of lagging behind!"

With high regards,
Stefan (The Netherlands)